Why Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodeling.com Is a Good Domain

PittsburghKitchenRemodeling.com is a phenomenal domain name for any serious home improvement contractor that services Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you advertise your business in print, online, or both, this domain name is simple for potential customers to recognize and remember.

When you do a search using the keywords ” pittsburgh kitchen remodeling”, you will see:

That’s over 10 million results! You can also see that it gets over 300 monthly searches. Let’s think about that for a minute. If 25% of those people click on PittsburghKitchenRemodeling.com because it’s exactly what they searched, that’s 75 people.

Can you and your staff set an appointment with 10% of those people? That’s 7 potential sales.

How much is your average kitchen remodel? $5,000, $7,000, $12,000? The amount of additional revenue you can bring in is amazing. Plus, your average cost per click on Adwords campaigns is only around $7.55, but it could be higher. Your ads will convert better because prospects see the exact keyword they searched for in the domain name.

This domain name is currently available, but won’t be for long. If you have any interest in this domain name, it’s important that you take action now before your competitor does. No one likes to see others be successful with something that could have been theirs.

You can show your interest and make an offer using the short form below. You can also get your questions answered using the live chat button. This domain name is ready for immediate transfer and authorization code to start the transfer will be provided once funds are received.